About Us

The idea of having a lodging house begun as three good friends who enjoy travelling wanted to create the perfect ambience and basic facilities required by a common traveller. Thus, the idea was born.

Interestingly, these three friends are younger than the common entrepreneurs. Being in their 20s, they have strong passion to serve in the hospitality industry.

The prime pillars which serves as their guide are : The 3CS


Woodpecker lodge was taking shape.

Woodpecker lodge has 32 rooms, and could accommodate a total of 53 person. We hope you stay at woodpecker will be a pleasant, enjoyable and memorable one.

Feel free to drop a message to us directly if there are anything that we can make your stay more comfortable.

Feez - fiza.azok [at] gmail.com
Ida - chuuda [at] gmail.com
Olivia - manager.woodpeckerlodge [at] gmail.com


Thank you.

On behalf of Woodpecker.

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